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For over 25 years, APG has proven to be a leader in video wall technologies.  Our Virtual Production division, APG Media, is applying our knowledge of LED video walls and on-camera experience, and taking it to a whole new level, as we work in partnership with innovative Companies who want to change film-making.

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions specifically selected for virtual production and immersive LED environments.  APG offers our solutions for both rental and sale, each with customized accessories, specialist technical support, and full system design and installation services.

We’ve worked on some large and innovative productions and provide tailored support for each client.

Our Experience Centers in Toronto and Orlando allows for clients to see and compare different technologies to better assess their needs.

LED Video Wall

Direct view LED video wall technology is replacing green screens in studios around the world.  Our LED has been carefully selected to perform well on-camera and at various shutter angles, brightness levels, all without colour shift or artifacts.  Our flagship LED display has been customized from the ground-up by our inhouse development team called HyperPixel.  This panel solves all the common problems traditional LED videowalls produce in virtual production, which saves considerable post-production clean-up costs, and increases speed to market with a real-time solution.

Processors & Distribution

APG specializes in Brompton Technology and Novastar LED video processors.  We have extensive experience with both Companies’ processing equipment in a variety of virtual studio environments.

Video wall controllers and video processors make managing content and information across multiple screens easy.  They are the main components of any device generating a video signal. Controllers perfectly enables displaying any type of video and data sources on any display configuration. 

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is at the forefront of virtual production.  From high-quality previs, to virtual production, to in-camera visual effects that take the post out of production, Unreal Engine is ushering in a new era of storytelling. Whether you’re working on episodic animation, live-action blockbusters, or short-form content, real-time workflows are radically transforming established pipelines and delivering renewed creative control.

Come visit APG Media’s Unreal Engine setup at our experience centers, or learn more about Unreal Engine at their website.

Camera Tracking

OptiTrack make precision motion capture systems that can be used for Virtual Production. APG has tested the OptiTrack systems with our LED displays and Cameras to ensure their solid performance for virtual production applications.

Mo-Sys is another camera-tracking pioneer APG works closely with for our LED Volume builds.  Learn more about Mo-Sys Star-Tracker below.

APG is factory trained and certified on Optitrack and Mo-Sys camera tracking products and services.




APG Media works with leading camera manufacturers Arri, Sony and Red Digital Cinema. We have tested their most popular cameras on our LED videowalls and understand the required camera settings to work in-concert with our displays.  To learn more about the tests we’ve completed, and what cameras are certified to work with out LED video walls, please contact us.

Other Rental Products (visit APG Rentals Division)

APG Rentals offers a wide variety of video technology and accessories for rental and sale. Visit our other division to learn more about our complementary solutions for your project.

Super Computing

APG works with leading computing companies to ensure a robust solution to power the LED Volumes we build.  We work closely with Silverdraft who are well-known in the media and entertainment markets for their supercomputers.  We can provide a complete turn-key super-computing solution for your LED stage.


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