Infiled x HyperPixel 2.6mm DB

The World’s Only LED panel customized for Virtual Production

Virtual production is the future of film-making.  Infiled x HyperPixel is the future of LED.

HyperPixel has reengineered Infiled’s 2.6mm Deep Black LED panel exclusively for virtual production.  The highly upgraded panel features the latest Brompton HDR Technology (calibrated by Hydra), increased brightness to 2000 nits, exceptional LED diodes, upgraded scan-rate, and five integrated degree curve selections, creating the ultimate on-camera LED display.

Infiled x HyperPixel allows you to film from all the major camera angles and shutter speeds without any image tearing or artifacts appearing in post production.  The unique custom technology ensures there is no color-shift. Using Brompton Technology’s R2 cards and SX40 processors we’ve created a ground-breaking solution for green screen replacement.

This panel has been designed from the ground-up by HyperPixel (the inhouse LED development team at APG Media) specifically for Motion Picture, Film & TV, and Broadcast Applications.  As LED videowall technology is replacing green screens in studios around the world, we wanted to ensure an LED display product was designed specifically for this application, with no expense spared at the cost of on-camera image quality.

To increase studio flexibility, additional built-in curvature has been integrated into the panel.  This allows users to select from 5 concave degree options: 0, -1, -1.5, -2.5, -5 degrees.  The panel can also be suspended using integrated components to allow for the creation of an LED ceiling in-studio.

The Infiled x HyperPixel 2.6mm panel solves all the common problems traditional LED videowalls produce in virtual production, which saves considerable post-production clean-up costs, and increases speed to market with a real-time solution.  This panel has been tested on all the major cameras throughout our R&D, and the resulting on-camera image quality is truly stunning.

Due to some of the unique and proprietary features of the LED panel design specifically for Virtual Production, we are unable to post our spec sheet online.  Please contact us to learn more about this game-changing display solution.


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