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APG Media is the specialist Virtual Production division of APG Media Group.  APG Media Group consists of 3 divisions, APG Rentals, APG Displays and APG Media.
APG was founded 1995 and specializes in videowall technologies.  The APG Media division was created as our rental and sales to the film/TV production industry grew considerably.  There was a clear need for a dedicated division to support further investment and innovation in this important field.

Today APG Media is focused on Virtual Production and supplies the latest video wall technologies and accessories for leading productions, VFX studios, broadcasters, and studios in North America.

We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of cutting-edge large video display solutions, each with customized accessories, specialist technical support, and full system design for our industry partners.

We have worked with some of the best production companies and VFX firms in the business, providing tailored support for each client.

North American Coverage

APG Media supports virtual production projects across Canada and the USA.  Our specialized team in Toronto support our Canadian requirements, and our Orlando team supports our US projects.  No matter where you are in North America we have the expertise and equipment to support you.

Contact APG Media at:

USA: 1-800-350-0562

Canada: 1-888-885-0228

Email our APG Media Team at: info@apgmedia.com


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