The Future of Film-making

Virtual Production (VP) is an area of digital cinema workflow that allows for the creation of real-time, reactive backgrounds that perfectly syncs with the camera for a seamless and fully immersive filming experience.

Using LED videowalls to create virtual sets, that replace traditional green-screens, is revolutionizing film-making.  Expensive location shoots, which can also be health hazards and difficult with travel restrictions due to COVID-19, can now be captured with the perfect light conditions and then replicated back in the studio in a safe and controlled environment.  VFX companies can create new worlds that actors and see and react to in real-time, previously not possible with green-screen.  Directors can now see these environments through the camera lens immediately and work to make adjustments on set, rather than in post production significantly reducing costs.

We partner with leading VFX Studios, Production Companies, Broadcasters and Studios to help them design and build Virtual Production studios.  APG Media are thought-leaders with extensive knowledge and experience supporting our clients with rentals and sales of complete turn-key Virtual Production solutions in Canada and the USA.

APG Media has been working in this emerging field for over 8 years, starting with using LED videowall screens for PMP (Poor Man Process) applications.  The technology, the industry, and our technical expertise has now evolved into the creation of complete Virtual Production Immersive Environments using the latest LED and Unreal Engine.  

Our strategic Partnership with SIRT (Screen Industries Research and Training Centre) at Sheridan College has allowed us to complete extensive R&D on our workflows and create custom LED display technology exclusively for film, broadcast and motion picture applications.  APG is a major strategic partner for SIRT’s new Virtual Production Innovation Center.  APG also has a strategic partnership with Humber College on the development of new virtual production technologies.

Our in-studio research working with Unreal Engine and leading camera manufacturers Arri and Sony has allowed us to understand the specific demands required for LED display technology in virtual production environments.  To solve these demands we’ve created our own LED panel in partnership with Infiled to deliver ultimate on-camera performance, called Infiled 2.6DB x HyperPixel.  To learn more about APG’s custom LED tile for Virtual Production visit LED x HyperPixel.

If you want to get your Virtual Production or Immersive LED Environment off the ground, please call or contact us at APG Media today for a confidential discussion.

Watch our team install a 291 tile LED wall designed for Virtual Production

Latest news

APG Media Designs and Builds LED Volume for Studio Lab XR Facility by New Media Manitoba

studio lab xr new media manitoba by APG media


TORONTO, CANADA – 3rd March 2024 – APG Media, a premier provider of virtual production solutions, is excited to announce its collaboration with New Media Manitoba to supply, design, and build the new Studio Lab XR facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This cutting-edge virtual production studio, comprising 170 tiles of state-of-the-art LED panels, underscores APG's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology in the film industry.


APG Media Becomes Authorized Arri Partner in the USA and Canada


TORONTO, CANADA – 8th November 2023 – APG Media, a leading provider of virtual production solutions, is proud to announce its new partnership with Arri as an authorized partner in the USA and Canada. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for APG Media and reinforces its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to clients in the virtual production and broadcast markets.


APG Media Selected as Distribution Partner for Silverdraft Supercomputing, Offering Cutting-Edge Solutions for Virtual Production Studios and Immersive Environments

Silverdraft supercomputing logo


TORONTO CANADA – 5th September 2023 – APG Media, a leading provider of innovative virtual production solutions, proudly announces its appointment as a distribution partner for Silverdraft Supercomputing, a pioneering provider of high-performance computing solutions. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in APG Media's commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions tailored for virtual production studios and immersive environments.