OptiTrack Primex 41

Tracking Camera Technology

Industry-leading precision. The most precise large scale 3D measurement system in the world was built with Prime 41 technology. Prime X made it better.


  • 4.1 MP resolution
  • +/- 0.10 mm 3D accuracy
  • 180 FPS native frame rate
  • 250 FPS max frame rate


Incredible Range. 100’ passive camera-to-marker range and over 150’ with Signature Pulse Active3, all with discrete infrared wavelengths. This provides up to 290,000 cu ft/camera for tracking passive markers and over 1,000,000 cu ft/camera for tracking of active markers.

Primex equals precision. In-house designed low distortion lenses and true 10-bit grayscale depth reduces quantization noise and improves precision—resulting in perfectly crisp and beautiful images, better centroids, and better 3D accuracy.

Megapixels matter, but image quality matters more.

Intuitive & elegant design. In designing the Primex series, we considered the complete lifetime of a motion capture camera—from unboxing to setup, capture, and teardown. Each process is elegantly accommodated with a nod to simplicity and usability.

Tracks Passive and Active Markers with positional errors less than +/-0.10mm and rotational errors less than 0.5 degrees. For some tracking applications, customers find benefits in using a combination of active and passive markers.

Mix and match cameras. Any camera in the Prime and Primex family can be used together to create the optimal configuration for any use case. That is 11 different cameras that can be chosen to deliver the highest 3D accuracy in any environment.

“Fast glass” 12mm lens. Custom designed super-low distortion, “fast glass” lenses for optimal marker tracking. The Primex 41’s standard 12mm lens is treated with a wide band anti-reflective coating, which dramatically increases light transmission to the imager, yielding larger volumes and more precise 3D data.

Powerful onboard image processing. All OptiTrack cameras feature integrated image processing. The algorithms which identify markers and marker centers and the sequence of data delivery are important steps to achieve both world-leading accuracy and low latency.

On-camera status indicator. Your OptiTrack system will let you know what it’s up to with the user-definable color LED indicator surrounding the lens. Recording a performance? Everyone on set knows the system is recording. Select a camera? It instantly changes color. Have your own idea? Simple software controls help you make it so.

New, higher output strobe. Ultra high power LEDs provide an improved range for any given shutter setting. The world's longest-range motion capture camera just got even better.

Full resolution grayscale reference video. All Primex cameras can be used as a reference video source - with synchronized, calibrated 3D overlay. Deliver and/or record full resolution, full frame rate video with a 3D overlay of markers, rigid bodies, skeletons, etc. 

Easy set-up. Aim assist and easily accessed lens controls make the Primex 41 fast and easy to set up.

External sync in/out, Genlock, and Time Code. Synchronize any Prime and Primex cameras to any signal or source with the eSync 2 with all the functionality and flexibility you’d expect with a professional tracking system. Cameras sync to dozens of sources including a professional cameras’ Genlock signal, where record and other event triggering can be managed from general purpose inputs and software commands.

Use the sync output signal as a master or to trigger force plates, EMGs and National Instrument DAQs for flexible yet precise hardware synchronization. Highly accurate frame timing can also be achieved with SMTPE Time Code for ease in editing and logging. OptiTrack’s free and open SDK allows for further customization within the timing protocol

Technical Specifications

Image Sensor

  • 2048 × 2048 Resolution
  • 180 Hz Native Frame Rate
  • 5.5 ms Latency

Tracking Performance & Range

  • 3D Accuracy: +/- 0.10 mm
  • Passive Markers: 30 m (100')
  • Active Markers: 45 m (150')

Global Shutter

  • Default Speed: 0.25 ms
  • Minimum Speed: 0.01 ms
  • Maximum Speed: 4.0 ms at 250 fps

Image Processing Types

  • Object
  • Segment
  • Raw Grayscale
  • MJPEG Grayscale

LED Ring

  • 20 LEDs
  • Ultra High Power
  • 850 nm infrared
  • Strobe mode
  • Intensity control


  • GigE data port
  • Ethernet camera sync
  • PoE or PoE+1 power

Lens & Filter

  • Adjustable focus
  • Adjustable F-stop
  • 850 nm band-pass filter
  • 12 mm F#1.8
  • 51° horizontal FOV
  • 51° vertical FOV

Size & Weight

  • Width: 4.96 inches(12.6 cm)
  • Depth: 5.19 inches(13.2 cm)
  • Height: 4.96 inches(12.6 cm)
  • Weight: 3.0 pounds(1.36 kg)

Camera Body

  • Sculpted from aluminum and polycarbonate
  • 1/4"-20 tripod thread (×2)
  • 2 digit numeric LEDs status indicators
  • Full-color LED health and activity indicator

Compatible Software

  • Motive
  • Camera SDK
  • NatNet SDK

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