Brompton Tessera SX40

4K LED Video Processors

The Ultimate Processor for Virtual Production

The 4K Tessera SX40 LED processor combines our industry-leading feature set and easy-to-use software interface with the highest-ever capacity processor.

Tessera SX40 offers support for full 4K screens at 60Hz with 12 bits per colour output. It supports a zero-latency up/down scaler that matches the source to the screen as well as all of Tessera’s industry-leading processing features like ChromaTune colour correction, On-Screen Colour Adjustment, and more.

It is compatible with all existing Tessera fixture inventory.

Used in combination with the Tessera XD data distribution unit, the Tessera SX40 provides a cost-effective and powerful processing system for supporting the biggest and boldest LED projects.

APG’s speciality LED panel designed for virtual production, the Infiled x HyperPixel 2.6DB, has been exclusively designed to work with Brompton’s powerful processing and distribution technology.  All of our LED range features the Brompton R2 receiver cards and has been Hydra calibrated to ultimate performance.

Powerful Tessera Features:



High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers greater brightness and colour ranges with a higher but depth, appearing perceptibly sharper and more detailed for vivid, lifelike images.


Dark Magic

Improves the appearance of panels operating at less than their maximum brightness by reducing banding and increasing detail in dark areas.



On-Screen Colour Adjustment (OSCA) enables a special user interface to appear on the LED screen itself, allowing for quick, easy module and seam selection.



Offers powerful and intuitive colour correction with two operating modes – 14 way corrector and colour replace.  Easily and independently adjust primary, secondary and tertiary colours.


Tessera Software

Brompton’s Tessera Management Software gives you full control over your Tessera System, with an array of powerful, easy-to-use features for an impeccable show every time.



The Tessera system is genlocked from the video input all the way down to the LED refresh cycle, giving perfectly smooth video with no dropped or doubled frames.


Custom Input Resolutions

Productions have unusual and custom content.  With the Tessera SX40 you can build a screen of almost any size and dimension and be sure that your content plays beautifully on it.  For complete flexibility and creative control, the Tessera SX40 accepts custom input resolutions.



Redundancy delivers ultimate peace of mind for users by introducing an auto-failover mechanism that allows a back-up processor to take over in just a few seconds.
Tessera LED processors can be fed from the same or independent video sources, with different formats, resolutions, and/or frame rates.

There’s no requirement for any aspect of the sources to match – redundancy will ensure a near-seamless show even in the event of a power or cable failure.


Tessera XD Distribution Unit

The Tessera XD 10G data distribution unit works seamlessly with the Tessera SX40 LED processor to deliver a flexible, sophisticated single box solution designed specifically to easily and cost-effectively support the biggest LED projects.
The Tessera SX40 processor and Tessera XD data distribution unit support both copper and single mode optical fibre trunk connections, and the Tessera XD can be used to convert between the two media.

Trunk connections between a Tessera SX40 and Tessera XD, or between Tessera XD units, use a 10G Ethernet-based backbone to reduce the number of home-run connections required.



Technical Specification

Physical (WxHxL)


  • 482.6mm (19”) x 88.9mm (3.5”) x 406.4mm (16”)
  • Rear width: 431.8mm (17”)



  • 7.50Kg (16.53lbs)


  • Switched autoranging power supply
  • 100 – 240V AC
  • 50Hz – 60Hz
  • 1.2 – 0.6A

HDMI 2.0 Input & Re-clocked Thru Port

  • One HDMI 2.0 input
  • Full 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 bandwidth, maximum 600MHz pixel clock
  • Up to 4096 x 2160 resolution (progressive only)
  • 23.98Hz to 144Hz framerate
  • 8,10 and 12 bits per channel colour depths
  • RGB and YCbCr 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0
  • Compatible with DVI-D and DisplayPort sources via adapters

SDI Input & Re-clocked Thru Port

  • One 12G SDI input that supports the following:
  • HD-SDI – ST-292
  • 3G-SDI – ST-424, Level A and Level B-DL
  • 6G-SDI – ST-2081
  • 12G-SDI – ST-2082, 2SI format
  • Up to 4096 x 2160 resolution (progressive only)
  • 23.98Hz to 60Hz framerate
  • 10 bits per channel colour depth
  • YCbCr 4:2:2


  • Four 10GBASE-T copper output ports
  • Supports nominally 9 million pixels at 36 bits per pixel @ 60Hz
  • Supports Neutrik etherCON Cat 6A / etherCON (CAT5e) connectors
  • Compatible with standard Cat6A / Cat5e RJ45 connectors
  • Requires Cat6A cable (up to 60m) or Cat5e cable (upto 30m)
  • Four 10GBASE-LR Tessera XD fibre output ports
  • Supports Neutrik opticalCON DUO / DUO ARMORED / DUO X-TREME / DUO LITE connectors
  • Compatible with standard LC-Duplex connectors
  • Requires 1310nm, 9/125um single-mode fibre (up to 2KM) with PC or UPC connectors 
  • Each 10G output independently auto-switches between fibre and copper
  • Closed loop redundancy support
  • Processor redundancy support


  • Bi-level and Tri-level sync
  • Sync to source
  • Processors genlock from source right through to panel refresh
  • Frame rates from 23.98 to 60Hz


  • 2 frames end-to-end system latency (all features)

Tessera Management Software

  • Local management using monitor, keyboard and mouse connected directly to processor.
  • Up to 3840×2160 local monitor resolution supported, minimum 1920×1080 recommended

Tessera Remote

  • Available free for Windows PC and Mac OS
  • Remote management using Windows PC or Mac connected to processor via Ethernet network
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet management network ports

Remote Control

  • Support for eDMX protocols:
  • Art-Net, Streaming ACN
  • DMX-512A on 5-pin XLR in and thru
  • Tessera Control application for multi-processor control via management network ports


  • Two USB 2.0 ports on front
  • Two USB 3.0 ports on rear
  • One DisplayPort (DP++) monitor output supporting HDMI, DVI and VGA with adapter

Front Panel

  • Six status LEDs
  • Power LED
  • Freeze button
  • Blackout button


  • Two years


  • CE, ETL/cETL

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